Rights and Duties




What are the obligations of reservists?

     According to Act of Military Service System Military Service Act 37, reservists and replacement soldiers should respond to the following mobilization:



     To balance compulsory education muster in military service, it is the main means for providing re-training in professional expertise and war preparations and for accumulating combat strength in reserved forces. Within 8 years of legally being discharged, men should accept muster training 4 times, with each time limited to 20 days. Nonetheless, because of the disparities in the duration of re-training among the army divisions, the Ministry of National Defense now asks for 2.5 to 5.5 days of training, the length of which is in accordance with troop demands. Inspection Muster Order’s main purpose is to develop the habit of “reporting upon orders” in reservists and to carry out “information correction” once annually.