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Services to the Military Reserve Personnel

     The Reserve Command Office upholds the principle of “Give without Return” to care for the rights of the reserve personnel and solve their problems through the reserve military care system in the spirits of wide coverage, all-encompassing, proactive, and effective. The office aims to provide the right services to the right persons at the right time with a goal to reinforce the foundation of wartime mobilization through coagulating the reserve force and further manifesting the spirit in the society. All registered reserve military personnel are eligible for the services provided by the Office including in the following categories:
I. Problem Assistance
II. Emergency Referral
III. Scholarships
IV. Congratulatory benefits
V. Emergency assistance
All reserved military personnel who are in need of the services provided may enquire at the Reserve Command Office Service Desk or the Reserve Military Personnel Counseling Center at your township. We will do our utmost to serve you.


Overview of the Reserve Personnel Counseling Unit


     The Reserve Command Office at each township/city/district has a counseling center for the reserve military personnel. The centers are in charge of reinforcing reserve military related works and servicing the military personnel registered at the local office. The network is well interconnected both vertically and horizontally, and managed under the direct command of the headquarters, aiming to build a solid foundation for wartime mobilization and serve as a stabilizing force in the society. Principles of Organizing the Counseling Units:
I. Counseling Centers: each center is set up on the basis of township, city, and district and staffed with a director, deputy director, and secretary. The Centers supervise the Supervision Zones.
II. Supervision Zones: each supervising zone covers 2 to 5 villages and is staffed with one supervisor. Each Supervision Zone supervises 2 to 5 Counseling Teams.
III. Counseling Teams: the counseling teams are organized based on the units of village and community and each is staffed with a team manager and several team members. Each team member is responsible for servicing 100 to 150 persons. Currently, there are 364 counseling centers nationwide, which supervise 2,672 Supervising Zones, 7,813 Counseling Teams, and 32,254 personnel. All personnel in the organization are unsalaried National Defense Volunteers, who are enthusiastic reserve military personnel recommend by the Reserve Command Counseling Center of each county/city each. The recommended volunteers are trained and assigned to service the reserve personnel at the local office.
Work of the Counseling Organization:
1. Promote the ideal of civil defense
2. Support military mobilization
3. Assist in assembling and training of the military reserve
4. Implement reserve military services
5. Assist in personnel recruitment The Reserve Military Counseling Organization welcomes your participation. For enquiries, please contact your local Reserve Military Command Center or Counseling Center. We will get back to you promptly.